Quick and easy in Queen Anne with Genki Sushi

8 Oct

After a long day of apartment hunting and an awe inspiring visit to the King Tut exhibit at Pacific Science Center, we were hungry and exhausted. A quick search on Yelp & Urban Spoon wasn’t helping me find any nearby take-out gems so we stopped off at Genki Sushi on the way home. Initially, we were just going to grab some take-out but I knew once we arrived and I saw my boyfriend’s eyes light up at the sight of the conveyor belt we weren’t getting off that easy. I wasn’t too hard to convince since my stomach had been audibly growling for the prior 30 minutes and I already knew I was in for a treat, having been to a Genki location in Hawaii.

The conveyor belt passes our tower of plates & take-out container

For those of you unfamiliar with Kaiten Sushi, customers sit around a rotating conveyor belt and pick what they want as it passes. You also have the option of ordering special items but most people stick to the belt. The waitstaff takes beverage (and special) orders but really excels at keeping your plate covers cleared and tallying up your plate totals before you go. The great thing about Genki, and other Kaiten sushi places like Blue C, is that you can easily keep track of your spending with the easy color-coded plates. Each plate has a set price displayed on the menu. The menu is also a great place to figure out what is actually inside some of the interesting ‘Signature’ rolls you can find at Genki.

Spicy Tempura roll from Genki Sushi, courtesy of Sarah_Browning on Flickr

As exhaustion set in, we decided to inhale a few bites there and take some to go for later. There were SO many options. And even more if you popped open the menu! I love sushi, so I tend to like whatever is put in front of me but for those of you a little more conservative this is a great place to try new things! My favorites (outside of fresh nigiri options) from Genki were the Cobra roll (Shrimp tempura, carrot, cucumber, avocado & house special sauce), Dragon roll (BBQ eel, avocado, cucumber, Eel sauce, & sesame seeds), Spicy tempura roll (Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, eel sauce, sweet chili sauce, & green onions) and the Genki roll (Spicy tuna, cucumber, albacore tuna, onion mix, Japanese ponzu sauce, & fine red pepper flakes).

The waitstaff was very accommodating and offered me multiple sizes of take-out containers to pack up whatever we weren’t going to enjoy at the restaurant. I chose to fill a few larger containers and opted against any soup to keep things easy. It also helped that with every bite I packed up another two were enjoyed immediately making my job much easier! Since this blog is about take-out, here’s what to know when visiting Genki for your to go needs:

  • Let them know you just want take-out and what types of containers you need, as well as if you want anything ‘extra’ (soups other sides like the edamame salad).
  • Make sure you don’t forget to pack some wasabi & ginger from the small jars/bowls directly in front of the conveyor belt. Genki will provide packets of soy sauce if you need them, so don’t risk spilling soy by trying to pack it up in your to go container.
  • Stack up your plates by color so it’s super easy to tally them up!
  • TRY NEW THINGS! The plates are small and make it easy to try new things without the risk of spending a ton of money at a fancy sushi place on a huge roll you won’t like!

Ok, here’s the breakdown!

Food: Delicious, interesting Signature rolls. Fish was very fresh & plates were refreshed constantly on the belt
Price: GREAT! While I can inhale sushi like it’s air so my bill is never that cheap, for a normal person this is probably a good deal. And if you’re watching the bank you can easily keep track of costs by the color coded plates.
Overall:  Try it! If not for take-out, a quick stop in will fill your Kaiten sushi craving! I’m a big fan of Blue C too, but what stood out about Genki was the wide variety of options and their Signature rolls. Oh yeah, and they’re open until 2am on the weekends 🙂

And here’s what other people think:


Genki Sushi on Urbanspoon

Want to visit Genki Sushi? In WA, you’ll have to go to Factoria, Renton, Queen Anne or Capital Hill, but they’re also great for quick bite in Hawaii or California! You can find them on Twitter at @genkisushiWA or on Facebook!


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