Domino’s Exceeds Expectations… No, really!

27 Oct

Domino’s Pizza Tracker with Romance skin

When my boyfriend suggested Domino’s for a quick dinner solution while packing up to move I reluctantly agreed (mostly out of pure exhaustion). I remembered hearing they had an app where you could place and track your order easily so I quickly downloaded it. I figured this would be our most efficient way of ordering and boy, was I right. A few years ago I attempted to order from Domino’s from Ballard, and was dismayed when the two closest locations told me I was out of their delivery area, so I was hoping we wouldn’t run into that problem again. The app made all of that a breeze. From automatically choosing the Domino’s that serviced my address, to making it easy to opt for coupons and special promotions and the most important of all, making it easy to customize my pizzas exactly how I wanted them. I was also impressed that there are now new options like gluten-free pizza crust and and expanded topping options.

We chose a special for 2 Medium 2-topping pizzas for $5.99 each. After selecting the coupon through the app, we were given the opportunity to select the crust, sauce and toppings for each pizza. I opted for a thin crust, default “savory” sauce, spinach and “premium” grilled chicken. He went for hand tossed crust, default “savory” sauce, pepperoni and mushrooms. Since my pizza included a “premium” topping, it was about 30 cents more.  In about 5-10 minutes, we had placed our order and got to watch the ‘pizza tracker’ (also available via web browser) and had the option to ‘send a note of encouragement’ to our pizza team.

In the last screen shot, you’ll notice that the app actually saves your address for future orders too! The pizza tracker is something Domino’s is obviously having fun with, by offering special ‘skins’ you can chose when viewing via web browser. It’s also very helpful, you know exactly what’s going on with every step of the process including the first name of the people working on your order! As soon as your order is deemed ‘completed’ you also have the opportunity to rate the process and send feedback to the location that prepared your order. In my opinion, Domino’s really excelled at using mobile technology to create a great experience for their customers. The app is easy to use, well-designed and really offers a seamless experience for the user — which I think shouldn’t be overlooked. I work a lot with mobile apps and you’d be surprised at some of the crazy things people suggest that would never work in a mobile environment.

Enough about the app (since I’m obviously a fan), what really matters here is the food. I’ve never considered Domino’s to be great food, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of everything we ordered. Even better, it came to less than $20 for what ended up being 2 meals for 2 people — something I especially appreciated since moving always puts a big dent in my checkbook. Let’s start with the thin crust.

Domino’s medium thin crust with spinach & grilled chicken

Domino’s thin crust pizza is definitely thin. It’s crispy and almost cracker-like, so I wouldn’t recommend piling on too many toppings. The grilled chicken and spinach were just enough to add flavor but not weigh down the crust too much so it falls apart. Since it’s on the thinner side, be prepared to eat more than you would with a ‘normal’ or ‘deep dish’ crust. (I basically inhaled it!) Another thing to remember is that it’s cut in squares (vs. slices) so it’s great for kids or if you just want to try a small piece. In fact, I’m considering getting a few different options for my next football watching get together since the form really lends itself to snacking!

Domino’s hand tossed crust with pepperoni & mushrooms

Moving on to the next pizza, a Domino’s ‘hand tossed’ version with pepperoni and mushrooms. My boyfriend will argue that this is (hands down) the best pizza topping combination, and even a mostly-wary-of-mushrooms kind of girl like me has to agree. Domino’s really gets toppings. The pepperoni was thinly sliced but abundant, the mushrooms were chopped in small but savory pieces and best of all, the toppings were spread evenly over the crust so every slice had the flavor you were looking for. As a person who spent a majority of my life in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT), I’m a little bit of a pizza snob and one of my biggest pet peeves is when the toppings are added without any rhyme or reason — that definitely didn’t happen here.

All in all, this was a pretty good take-out experience. Ordering was easy and efficient, delivery was prompt, and food was tasty. Here’s the breakdown:

Food:  Definitely above average. Tasty fresh ingredients and crusts.
Price: GREAT value.
Overall: Tasty, quick and cheap — my favorite!

Here’s what other people think:

Yelp (Link is to location that serviced my order, do a quick search to find out more about your closest location!)

Domino's Pizza (Lower Queen Anne) on Urbanspoon

Want to order from Domino’s? Download their app for iPhone, Android or the Kindle Fire! Find Domino’s on Facebook and Google+, and @Dominos on Twitter!


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